The Beer is my Mommy! (hmfeelyat) wrote in nickinthe80s,
The Beer is my Mommy!

Inagural post!

Hi there, I'm Heidi. Nick and Nick at Nite were all I watched as a kid (with a little Comedy Channel on the side). I was born in '81, and my first show memory is definetly Pinwheel. Really, all I remember is that there was a green puppet named Ebineezer who...had a fake nose. Or extended his nose or...something. Suddenly, I woke up one day to find that Pinwheel was gone, and Eureeka's castle had taken its place. Oh, I was mad. But then Count Duckula came on, so I had a new obsession.

I LOVED nick at nite as a kid. It came on at 8, right after Looney Tunes. I watched Get Smart religiously (my dad introduced me to it with "You'll love it, Inspector Gadget's in it!"), and had a tiny crush on Agent 86. In fact, I'd CRY if I couldn't watch it. I also watched SCTV like mad. I even have a tape of old N@N airing it!

Does anybody remember "Hi, Honey, I'm Home"? Nick at Nite's failed attempt at an original show? It was about a '50s family living in the '80s, and they had a black-and-white switch they'd flip whenever the family was alone in their house.

Anyhow, this is probably a very long post by now. I'll wrap up by saying that current Nick is turning the children of America into PANSIES, and N@N's decision to replace Perfect Strangers with Full House is appalling. Viva le 80s children.
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