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"Hi, Bob!"

What a treat it is to find this group! Hello everyone. I'm Rich, I was born in '85, and I remember the late '80s Nickelodeon and Nick at Nite.

I remember when Nick would show Inspector Gadget (do they still?), The Monkees (Mike Nesmith's hat fascinated me as a small child, and it still does), the Star Trek cartoon (which I found boring at the time, but now I wish it was back), Total Panic, Finders Keepers (that was a Nick show, right?), The Lost Cities of Gold (or something like that. I made my parents crazy by asking them to draw it. It's a long story, LOL), The Little Prince, Maya the Bee, The Li'l Bits, Today's Special, Special Delivery (that was a show, right? I remember it as a boring 2 hours where I had to keep myself busy until the good TV came back). I don't remember Pinwheel, but I do remember when Eureeka's Castle was brand new.

And that's just Nickelodeon.

Nick at Nite was by far the single most important factor in my life. LOL! I remember Get Smart, Mr. Ed, Donna Reed, Mad Movies (I didn't "get" the show, but I remember it. I think it was on later at night, so I'd only see it if I happened to wake up in the middle of the night and turn the TV on.), Mork and Mindy (in fact, I remember that it was on both Nick at Nite AND Nickelodeon), and the two most important shows I have ever seen, the two shows that shaped my comedic identity: the old episodes of SNL and SCTV. Ooohhh, I LOVED them! And because many of the cast members of both shows had successful movie careers by then, I recognized them. Steve Martin (not a cast member, but frequent host), Chevy Chase, Bill Murray (my second-favorite Ghostbuster, behind Harold Ramis), Dan Aykroyd (my third favorite Ghostbuster), John Candy, Rick Moranis, and Martin Short.

Oh man, so many great memories. Thank you for letting me re-live them. OH! What was that show about the kid and the dog, and they were searching for something...the kid's parents I think? I remember that one too. And Kid's Court ("Fair or Unfair? UNFAIR!") Well, that's it for me for now. Thank you all once again. This is your announcer Harvey saying goodbye!

"Some creatures landed from outer space. They gave off a funny green light. They said they travelled to our planet just to watch Nick at Nite!"
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