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I found some nick shorts from back in the day...


I'm still looking for :

Fast Food and Grace which can be described on this site http://www.crowncombo.com/articles/2006/005_nickshorts/shorts.html

anyway. Does anyone else remember the short that Pixar did in the maybe late 80's early 90's that looked like an adult something or other and a child made out of toobers and zots or something like that. anyway. I remember the kid one was acting all silly and the adult one would shake it head like "now stop that." and every time the adult one would turn around the kid would do something silly behind it's back to kind of mock it. and then the adult one would turn around real fast and the kid was acting like it wasn't doing anything....

you know what one I'm talking about?! I saw a web page about it a long time ago but I guess I didn't bookmark it because I'm lame.... :-(
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