THEchicken (chicken1of3) wrote in nickinthe80s,

You Can't Do That On Televison of my absolute favorite shows ever!!! Now, the thing that kills me about Nick is they still use slime as a nickelodeon trademark...and the kids that watch it now...have no clue where this originated from. Now all of us 80s kids know that when one said "I don't know" slime would come down, mysteriosly from above... They still use that bit on the Kid's Choice Awards...and, again, the kids just take it as it is..not even knowing what it's all about... Originally, YCDTOTV was there biggest show and that's how the slime became there trademark...they wanted to market Nick w/that show... oh the insanity...they really need to bring that show back..or put it on DVD... oh and for you fans of this show..check out YCDTOTV
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